Thursday, February 4, 2010

What is Meditation?

Some times we grown ups unnecessarily complicate things and make it sound too complex. I have to share conversation I had last night with my 6.5 year old dear daughter who will be addressed as DD in the rest of this post.

I was reading a newsletter of a meditation studio and DD was right there sitting with me.

DD: Mommy, what is meditation?
Me: It is sitting in silence sweetie.
DD: And think about what?
Me: Actually try not to think about anything at all. Just enjoy the silence.Enjoy the sound of silence.
DD:It sounds tough
Me: Yes indeed.Mind is the most difficult thing to control.It is running in thousand different directions all the time.
DD:So, meditation means to just give your mind a little break, right mommy?
Me: WOW. I wish I could have put it in such simple terms.


goinghome said...

She got the essence so easily!