Monday, March 8, 2010

I drink Limca because I like it ! ! !!!!

So, I finally got the "Enlighten Up" movie from Netflix last week. I had read about it in the yoga blogosphere a LOT and was very curious to watch it myself.

So, this lady, Kate, who is a yoga lover/devotee of sorts thinks that yoga can transform any one. She finds her guinea pig in Nick and puts him on the yoga path and follows him around and asks him during the journey ( that takes him to NY, California, Hawaii and all the way to India ), "Are you transformed yet? Are you transformed yet?". Well, not exactly like that :)
Nick and Kate analyze, dissect the styles and teachers of yoga. Nick gets frustrated, Kate sheds a few tears ( I believe ). For what? Nick's so called transformation! which is nowhere to be seen on the horizon. Then in the grand finale of the movie, he figures that he needs to deal with the complicated relationship and different influences from both of his parents. We are lead to believe that, it is his transformed self but I just kept thinking that Nick is just homesick in a colorful, vibrant country called India.
I did not see the whole point of making this movie in the first place( or may be I just missed the point completely ).
Why discuss it to death? I remember an old commercial of a soda( Limca ) back home in India. I do not need to explain to anyone why I drink it. I drink Limca because I like it!

I practice yoga because I like it.