Friday, April 17, 2009

Yesterday I went to the hindu temple to listen to "Parmahamsa Nithyananda" talk about Patanjali's yoga sutras. he spoke about 16th sutra and everything related to "Vairagya" . "Vairagya" is not detachment but transcending from both attachment and detachment.Another concept he tried to hammer in was that there is no logical connection between the object/person/thing experienced, the person who experiences it and the experience itself. All  these 3 are independent of each other. In other word, if I eat a sweet and get a certain joyous feeling, it is not going to be consistant. I keep on eating 10 sweets and the experience of joy may turn into something not so joyous anymore. Same thing holds tru for person. When we are in love, we like everything about the person we love but the experience changes over time inspite of the fact that 2 people involved in a relationship are the same. We all need to understand this fact and try not to hold on to any specific kind of experience which make us happy or try not to run away from things that cause negative feelings. It was an inspirational discourse. 

Afterwards there was a BIG line for energy darshan(I am not sure what one is supposed to feel or say at those since it was my first. They told the audience to ask for any healing if needed.) I did not ask for any healing(since it was very crowded and everyone got about 3-4 seconds with swamiji) but my heart was praying for my father to be healed from rhumatiod arthritis and my mother-in-law from her knee problems.  I did not want any healing for myself since there is nothing to be repaired with me at this time. But oh boy, I came back home feeling sick! I called in sick today and did not go to work. My throat is hurting and so are my ears. So much for healing :)

May be just that my mind was not open and receptive. Who knows. But I remember the joy and excitement I was feeling while driving to the event. I expected to be feeling even more elated returning and I guess it was the opposite of my expectations. I guess it all boils down to practicing no expectations and no judgment. 

I shared this account with Sue Chadwick(I attended the meditation workshop led by her last month). She told me not to view this as a negative result of that evening. I will quote her word below which really brought tears to my eyes.

"Some times after these spiritual gatherings, we release "stuck" energy or karmic seeds that must be released so we can reach Higher states of consciousness...."

May be I am over analyzing everything. It could be jsut that somethign is going around and I caught it from the crowded temple that evening.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Just in the last posting I mentioned the blog that I came across about past life regression. It talks about life, death and what happens after death.  Irrespective of whether one believes in the things mentioned it does make you think about the life you are leading. The reason I like the blog and in particular the posting titled “Pre birth choices”( is that it helps put things in perspective.  Shubha wrote in that posting

Whatever happens to us in our life, happens because we chose it as a challenge with the confidence that we will overcome it and grow and evolve from that experience.

We NEVER choose impossible targets for us, just tough ones.


When unpleasant things happen  then the thought that this is happening to me simply because I wanted it to happen to me for some reason, gives strength to get out of that situation. It helps you to analyze and figure out what lessons you are meant to learn from it all. It is a powerful idea and concept which truly can help us evolve spiritually and become a better person.

I went to see the “King Tutankhamen and the Golden age of Pharaohs” exhibit this afternoon with my husband and kids. The exhibit was amazing. It was fascinating to see the artifacts preserved in such good condition. It was hard to believe that those exhibits are over 3000 years old. It was very interesting to see what kind of things were put in with the mummies for their comfort(?)  in life after death. Jewelry, ointment jars and even board games were stored in the tombs.  There are and have been so many different cultures and beliefs in our world.  I grew up in culture where people believe that all the material possessions cease to be of any use after death.  We are soul and we just have the body. Our wealth and precious belongings don’t really count then. The only thing that counts is if we are learning our lessons from this life. 

Friday, April 3, 2009

Power Of Positivity

After a long silence here is an attempt to revive the blog.
My yoga practice suffered quite a bit last month. There were plenty of excuses but I know that they were excuses. The one thing that keeps me going is my one private class that I teach. I put my heart and soul in teaching that class and really look forward to that day every week. I got another student for a couple of weeks but after attending first 2 classes she decided to part ways. I am actually feeling quite alright about it. It was getting a bit challenging to teach a 14 year old and a 78 year old in the same session. Suggesting modifications to each and every pose was not a problem for me but I think when the levels of participants is so different in a semi-private class none of them feel that they are getting the personal attention. I am learning about the challenges of teaching as I progress in my path.
Why would I want to teach a 78 year lady plank pose or head stand? I would rather have her practice a different PRANAYAM every time along with a few stretches, meditation and SHAVASAN. So now I am back to my one and only yoga student. No complaints though. I am happy about this opportunity.
I also got hired by the local community activity center and currently on their sub list. I have to sub for a friend in next week. That was on the teaching front.
I had the opportunity to attend a wonderful meditation work shop at the studio where I practice. It was “Ananda, Dallas” Sue Chadwick conducted the workshop. She was very warm and approachable. In the first session we talked a lot and she taught us all “Hung-Sau” technique of meditation. Meditating with so many likeminded people is beautiful experience. In the next session Sue spoke about accessing our calm energy at will. It is so important to use affirmations. Replacing each and every negative thought with a string positive thought can change our lives around. The power of one’s own will is truly beyond imagination. I wish to someday learn the “Kriya yoga”. When the time is right it will happen for sure.
I also stumbled upon the book “Heal your life” by Louise Hay when we visited my cousin during the spring break. Though I could not finish the book during our stay, whatever little bit I read reiterated the power of positive thinking and affirmations. I was very amused with the section in her book which charts the probable cause of illness/disease and which affirmations help in curing them. The woman has cured her cancer without surgery. I am not a big fan of self help books but reading the author’s own life story made a big impact on me and I had to pay close attention to what she is trying to say.
I have started reading “Autobiography of a Yogi” once again. It is one of those books to which you can go back time and again and find something valuable each time. I also came across a very interesting blog a few weeks ago, a very amazing, amusing, intriguing and puzzling at times too. It is spiritual in nature and talks about life after death, past life regression. If you are interested please visit the link below.
That will keep you occupied until next time.