Friday, January 29, 2010

New Year New Opportunity

Its been a long gap since my last post.

Initially there wasn't much too share(its not like I won Nobel prize and did not share it on this space) and then I got lazy :(
But I am just coming back from a meeting at the brand new yoga studio that is opening up here in Coppell,TX on February 1st. The name is "STUDIO 108". The couple who own the venture Kim and Eagan have a beautiful dream and a vision. I am grateful for the opportunity to teach at their studio. Teaching according to me is a continuous process of learning too. One evolves as a practitioner of yoga, and as this happens the teaching too might change. It will change with the way I will evolve and transform; and here I am targeting for a positive change,change for the better.

I am scheduled to teach on Monday evenings in the beautiful earth room. Painted in hues of green and brown. As you can guess I am pretty excited about this new development. I do sincerely believe that opportunity presents itself when one is ready with open mind.

I am also excited about my trip to India in June/July of this year. I plan to take yoga classes with my favorite teacher Abhay in Pune but once I arrive in India things sometimes go a little crazy and I lose control over my schedule. Some times, I just think it would be nice to go to India like any other westerner and go about my own yoga adventure and just visit all those places I want to visit without meeting anyone. Linda, if you are reading this, I am sooooooo jealous of you right now. It would be nice to visit my own country like a tourist, without expectations or judgments. It would be nice not to feel embarrassed looking at the begging kids at traffic lights or not to feel ashamed when I see a traffic cop taking some vitamin M for not writing a ticket. India trip every single time is extremely stressful, but that would a whole another blog. For once I want to feel contended about India trip. May be some day, I am an eternal optimist!

Right now I would like to focus on the short term goals. teaching a yin yoga class on Monday at Studio 108!
I like this year 2010 so far. I see only good things on the horizon. Here is to new beginnings...


Emma said...

and i'm jealous that you get to go to india and teach a regular class :)

... its all relative!

Random Thoughts said...

Thank you for visiting my blog Emma and leaving comment.
It indeed is relative,as they say, Grass is always greener...

goinghome said...

There are 2 great sentences that go together and make both sense and peace for me-

Everything is perfect as it is.
There is room for improvement.

Begging kids, corrupt lops, all have a place and all will eventually move on.

So, peace!