Thursday, October 31, 2013

Good Bye...Until We Meet Again!

Aatya and Kaka passed away. Just 15 days apart. Cancer got them both. I made a whirlwind trip to India to meet them just a month ago. I knew it was to say my final good bye to both of them. Kaka passed away on 16th October and Aatya today i.e. 31st October. Of all the days, she chose Halloween to go.
It's an end of an era. When someone close to you dies, you die a little along with them. The special bond you shared just vanishes. That relationship does not grow anymore with good or bad, bitter or sweet interactions. What remains is just memories; satisfaction about what was done right, regret about what was done wrong. All that remains is acceptance of death!
Here is my last letter to my favorite Aunt and Uncle that I never posted.