Friday, September 24, 2010

Day Dreaming

I have been reading "Anne Of Green Gables". As a result Anne's trait rubbed off on me. This morning while coming back home after teaching yoga, I let my imagination run wild. I let myself imagine my life as a very occupied and respected yoga teacher and of course a very "in demand" teacher as well. There was a yogic air about me ;) not the snobbish kind but very pleasant, peaceful kind. Some gifted individuals could see my aura too.

I was busy shuttling between different yoga studios far and wide. My calendar was booked months in advance. After I finished teaching my classes, students and newbie teachers flocked around me to ask more questions and I was refining their studies by helping them with subtle details on the breath, alignment and even thought process behind it all. They all left feeling very happy, elated, confident, calm, centered and with their faith in the universe restored.

As a service to the society, I was teaching yoga to underprivileged children once a week. Their happy and cheerful faces full of dreams made me stronger and full of hope. I joyously told everyone that I learnt more from those children than I taught them.

I had my little website too which had basic contact information about me, my teaching schedule and upcoming work shop details, testimonials from students etc. My news letters were circulated in the yoga community local and global.

I did not stop at that, I was conducting a donation based teacher training for those individuals who wanted to take their yoga studies deeper and could not do it due to the exorbitant training fees! ! Soon the word spread and before I knew it, I was being interviewed by various yoga websites and blog writers. They wanted to know more about my teaching style, philosophy and more about ME. How and when did my yoga journey start,what were the mile stones that marked my path. When they came to know that I did not have any severe injury that led me to yoga, neither was I an addict trying to recover and found yoga to be life changing nor was I recovering from any kind of abuse or trauma. I was not even that big shot but totally burnt out corporate executive who had enough one fine day and decided to just call it quits and turn her life around. I was just born and raised in a very regular loving, caring and nurturing atmosphere and saw my family members practicing yoga for generations as a part of their life style without realizing that they were doing anything special.
My biography suddenly looked boring...It lacked edge of the seat drama, spunk and spice. I was given hints to alter my biography to make it more interesting and appealing to the reader and prospective students. But, before I was in the depths of despair I reached home ;)

Now i am thinking whether to keep working on my "software developer" resume or "friendly neighborhood yoga teacher who teaches 'as is yoga' " resume. Any suggestions?

Disclaimer: I do not mean to make fun of or insult any yoga teachers famous or not, in the above post. Just wanted to have a little fun. Yoga teachers are allowed to that.