Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Yoga is better than your Yoga - Part 2

The Yoga Saga Continues....

Here is the email that I received from Yoga Alliance just a few minutes ago. Need I say more?
Just sit back, relax and watch the drama unfold..

Yoga Alliance

Dear Dhanashri,

It has come to our attention that a Mr. Govinda Vishnu from Pasadena, Texas, is contacting yoga studios and schools throughout the country, both YA registered and unregistered, implying that he represents or acts on behalf of Yoga Alliance. We understand that persons contacted by Mr. Vishnu are told that the type of yoga they teach is not a pure form of yoga, is a violation of YA'sCode of Conduct and that YA will be bringing a lawsuit to close their studio or school.

Yoga Alliance has also been advised that Mr. Vishnu claims to represent an organization named Gitanjali International, which he claims is the supreme authority of yoga and the only official yoga registry in the United States, Canada, South America and Europe. He further asserts that if those he contacts do not comply with his demands he will bring legal action against them.

Mr. Vishnu is not affiliated with Yoga Alliance in any manner. His unwelcome and misleading communications are of deep concern to us. We are exploring our options with law enforcement authorities in Texas and at the Federal level regarding Mr. Vishnu's statements and threats.

Should Mr. Vishnu make contact with you please contact me on our toll free number 888-921-YOGA (9642) to report the incident, and should you feel threatened by him please contact your local police department.


R. Mark Davis
President & CEO


govinda vishnu said...

Mr. Mark Davis. CEO.
Yoga Alliance.
Nov 15, 2009
Hari Om: Om Namah: Shivaya.

Dear Mr. Davis.
I am the CEO of Gitanjali International.Federal.170(b) (1) (A) (VI):Gitanjali Federal.11(A) (b)(11)(15). Activity Codes. Federal 923. 119. 279. We are an Independent Government. I personally, have not contacted any Yoga Schools, claiming to represent your business interest.I have no interest in you or Yoga Alliance.
FACTUAL STATEMENTS: Yoga Alliance, is the Agency which gave the names of Yoga Schools and Yoga Teachers to each State Government. This is a Federal Statute violation. If found guilty; the fine is $5.000-
All Ammerican Yoga Teachers are under no obligation to register with your organization or to renew their membership. You do not need a License to teach yoga anywhere in the United States or in any country outside of the United States.What you need to understand, are the Laws, which are applicable, to India's Cultural Proprety Rights.Federal Laws.Treaties.Bi-lateral Treaties. Presidential Executive Orders, and Common Law. As a Domestic Agency, I am giving you a Direct Executive Order.Stay within your Articles of Corporation, in the State of Virgina. You serve no useful purpose.You have No Legal rights; No Legal Claims: and No Legal Authority.It begins with being Hindustani.All Yoga Teachers need to be left alone, to work and teach in a peaceful enviroment, and Government needs to manage the affairs of Government.
The action you took,and the comments you have made against me and my Organization are unaceptable.I have no idea where you got your information.I am no ordinary person. I would like to talk to you in person, at the FBI Headquarters, in Houston, Texas. ENFORCEMENT AUTHORITY. Providing Assistance to each State Government. Gitanjali International and the FBI, Infra-Gard Coordinators, working in Partner-ship,Friendship and Alliance with the FBI NW3C Mission, to take people like you into Federal Custody and we will.If you feel threatened, there are two justifiable reasons for this. We are representing the entire United States Yoga Industry, against, each State Government, at our expence, one State at a time. You are the person, who violated their Trust. You betrayed them.You violated their rights to privacy.It is causing us $14.000- per week, to prepare a defence for each State Government. Yoga Alliance caused this problem. This situation is affecting many yoga teachers, who are not doing well finiancially. All we are attempting to do is to repair the damage, which you have caused.
All American Yoga Teachers, all inclusive, you have been granted Immunity and Honorary Membership and Federal Protection. that means all State Government are mandated by Law to deal directly with us and not you. If you should recieve any legal document from any Attorney or the State Government, Call us at 713-475-0856. www. Gitanjali International Ayurvedic .Org. 1212 Johnson St. Pasadena, Texas 77506.You are Welcome as an Honorary Family Member. We can conduct business in every County, in every State or in any Country out side of the United States. We are representing your legal Interest. We deal only with the Governor's Office and the Atorney General of each State; including the Department of Education. ( Nobel Prize awarded 1913-Dedication. Today you have a Choice: Yoga Alliance or Gitanjali International.Decide with your own free will.Even if you have already your licenseing fee, the decision can be reversed.We are successful in New Jersey. Texas. Virgina and Michigan may work out in our favour. What does Yoga Alliance give you for you membership fees. They betrayed you; they gave your personal information to each State Government. As an Indian Cultural Religious Organization, Federal. (Federal-International) We have a duty and a Responsiability to protect and Defend you.I personally, do not take Orders from the State Government.There is no authority above us.

Random Thoughts said...

Mr. Vishnu,
I think there has been a mistake.Your comment is adddressed to some one named Mark Davis. I am not him.
I am an independent yoga teacher living and teaching happily. I do not believe that I need any protection or defense from either yoga alliance or Geetanjali International.

Linda-Sama said...

ha! this is hilarious!

Anonymous said...
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