Sunday, October 5, 2008

I am spending this weekend alone at home while rest of my family is enjoying themselves with a few friends at a nearby resort. I am so grateful for this wonderful day and half that I got just for myself.
The last time I spent some time alone was way back in 2001. Back then I did not value it as much may be because I was not craving for it. Never the less I still enjoyed it back then. This time though it is different.
Over the years I had 2 cute little girls, a job, increased work at home. Life has become very busy. It is one chore after another. It is hard to get even a few minutes to unwind and just be alone. I am not exaggerating when I say sometimes I can’t be alone in the bathroom (that is probably too much information, but hey, I have a little one who is the queen of clingy land). So when I decided not to go to the Cliffs (the resort looking over the possum kingdom lake), I couldn’t be happier!
I started my weekend by taking a wonderful yoga class taught by Pam Ryan at Yoga Island. This was the first class I attended taught by Pam. She focused on twisting poses. Interestingly, she included a minute of Kapalbhati into the practice.
I pampered myself by getting an ultrasonic facial (whatever that is). I had to fill out this form about my skin care routine. I nearly blew away Layne by admitting that I do not have any routine. It was almost embarrassing. I do not use any cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing products. I bought this facial cleanser more than a year ago (probably the last time I felt embarrassed and guilty about not taking care of my skin) and that bottle is still 90 % full. Layne did try to make me feel better by saying that westerners focus more on outer beauty and in the east people focus more on the inner beauty. (That was sweet. Thank you Layne!) But I guess it never hurts to have the outer beauty with healthy body, glowing skin. Don’t we all want that! East or west we all want to look our best.
In the afternoon I caught up with some required reading. I read parts of “Food Revolution” by John Robbins ( It is an amazing book revealing flaws of many fad diets, genetically modified foods, mad cow disease, and the health effects of what you eat. A must read for all.

I had a lovely evening with my co-workers. The occasion was retirement part for Michael. We ate in the kitchen of P. F. Changs restaurant. Delicious food and company of people you are comfortable with can make you feel relaxed.

I dozed off around 10 at night. This morning started at around 7:30. I never slept better. I did not have to worry about my younger daughter sleeping on my older daughter’s stomach or chest. I did not wake up even once to adjust or pull down my daughter because her head was hitting on the headboard. I know my daughters are 5 and almost 3 years old and they still sleep in our bed. I just tell myself to enjoy it while it lasts. They won’t be sleeping with us when they go to college. It is just a matter of time.

This morning I made myself nice hot cup of tea and sat at the dining table sipping it slowly taking my own time, totally undisturbed. The biggest pleasures in life are in these seemingly little things.
I spent entire morning reading about pranayama and writing notes for the presentation that we yoga teacher trainees are supposed to give next weekend at Yoga Island. It is free class for beginners who have not done yoga. Jasmine will teach a mini class after our presentation. I am really happy and thankful to get this opportunity given to us to share what we learnt so far.

Well, my solitude is about to be over in a few hours. It was awesome to get this time for myself to relax, unwind and to do things for myself (selfish! I know!). But it has certainly refreshed me to take on life, to steer the ship of my life with newfound energy, vigor.
We all need periods of solitude, although temperamentally we probably differ in the amount of solitude we need. Some solitude is essential; it gives us time to explore and know ourselves. It is the necessary counterpoint to intimacy, what allows us to have a self worthy of sharing.
When did YOU spend just a day alone? Go for it. You will love it.


Linda Sama said...

thanks for following my blog....and wow! I lived in Flower Mound from 1989-1992 on Regency was a corporate relocation and we built the house....and we still have the two stray cats that we adopted from the street in '91 and '92.

yoga in Flower Mound! when I lived there, no way would I have thought yoga would come to FM!